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Iran Farmi is a little pet zoo where the animals live around the year. We are open for groups in June and we have regular visiting days: wednesdays and Sundays ( at 13 o´clock) only in July (2024). Do not forget to let me know a day or two before you come for a visit. You can reach me by email, messenger or with a call.

In Iran Farmi lives a pack of goats: some Finnish Goats and also very small pygmy goats. We also have different breeds of chickens, ducks, bunnies, and budgies. The most amazing of them are Indian peacocks and African pearlhens.

The zoo area is compact but there is a lot to see: some 150 animals together. The guided tour takes cirka 1,5 hours. You can feed the goats and bunnies.

We have also a small cafe where you can buy drinks and homemade sweet or savoury pastries. We use our own eggs in baking.

For this summer we are going to have a small Sensory Garden and it is combined to the tour .

Tickets are: 8 € for children from 2 – 12 years, 10 € for over 12 years.

Please notice that we accept only cash!